Movement of natural persons

Possibility for people to temporarily move from one market in order to provide service is important factor in trade in services. Therefore, regulation providing conditions for entry and temporary stay in CEFTA markets are also important for services economy. In other words, if entry and stay is impossible or cumbersome and costly, the service suppliers will not be motivated to offer their services in other CEFTA markets.

Additional Protocol 6 on Trade in Services provides certain rules regarding temporary entry and stay of natural persons for business purposes such as key personnel, trainees, business services sellers, contractual services suppliers, independent professionals and short-term visitors for business purposes. These rules include commitment to allow entry and stay for limited time (maximum periods are defined for each category) under the conditions which are set out by laws and regulation in each CEFTA market. This means that authorities may not restrict number of permits or make their decisions based on their labour market situations.

In order to further facilitate access and eliminate unnecessary barriers, CEFTA has launched activity aimed at removing work permits for intra-company transfers and service providers. This would allow for a faster and less costly mobilization of personnel/qualified specialists who would need to temporarily work in other CEFTA Parties. However, it is important to mention that this initiative does not include persons who seek work in other CEFTA markets.


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