Transparency Pack

 TBT Platform

Info on Technical Standards

 SPS Database

Info for Trade in Food and Agricultural Products

 Trade Portal

Trade Portal provides information on key trade regulations and also provides guidance and information for businesses on the trade issues. The information provided on the portal aims at increasing transparency, creating economic value, and facilitating data-driven policymaking in CEFTA.

 MAB Database

Tool to address non tariff measures

 BTI Database

A platform that aggregates all the information related to the Advance rulings (tariff description and classification) from the CEFTA Customs administrations.

 Measures in Services

A functional exchange information platform at regional level, which increases transparency and ensures smooth supply of services across the region.

 Database of Unsafe Products


Working hours of services at the intra-CEFTA crossing points

 Statistics Portal


CEFTA Green Corridors Statistics

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