Technical Barriers to Trade

Non-tariff measures are defined as policy measures other than ordinary customs tariffs that can potentially have an economic effect on international trade in goods, changing quantities traded, or prices or both.

The non-tariff barriers can include wide variety of restrictions to trade ranging from measures favouring domestic industries to intellectual property to measures on plant and animal health (UNCTAD classification): sanitary and phytosanitary measures; technical barriers to trade; pre-shipments inspection and other formalities; contingent trade- protective measures; non-automatic licensing, quotas, prohibitions and quantity control, measures other than for SPS or TBT reasons; price control measures, including additional taxes and charges; finance measures; measures  affecting competition; trade related investment measures ; distribution restrictions; restriction on post sale services; subsidies; government procurement restrictions; intellectual property ; rules of origin; export related measures.

Some non-tariff measures are not actually barriers; instead, they can increase the volume of trade. While this might introduce an administrative burden and a cost on imported goods, it might also give consumers more confidence to buy if they can see that foreign products conform to local standards.

The activities in charge of Committee on Trade Facilitation and Subcommittee on Non-Tariff Measures  are focused generally on facilitating the trade through eliminating Non-Tariff Measures. The other topics are focused within the efforts for finding legal solution through CEFTA Joint Committee Decision for reduction of trade costs.

Activities we work on:

  • Development and implementation of the programs on mutual recognition
  • enhancing transparency through using information and communication technology tools for monitoring purposes
  • cooperation with the private sector aiming to identify new NTBs
  • update regularly and modernize the CEFTA Market Access Barriers Database as a platform for registering NTMs.
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