Validation meetings Six National Reports’ on NTMs organized in Western Balkans CEFTA Parties

July 23, 2018

During June and July 2018, six national validation meetings were organized in order to present and discuss the findings of reports on Non-tariff Measures in the Western Balkans CEFTA Parties. The reports are the result of research conducted by national and international experts, based on the findings of National consultation meetings held in the end of 2017. Likewise, the meeting of the Regional Business Advisory Group, held in March 2018 provided grounds for research by opening and verifying various issues which hinder trade in the CEFTA region.

In the previous meetings, both private and public sector contributed with their inputs to the overall research. The reports on NTMs were presented to the national authorities and discussed from the point of actions to be undertaken in order to resolve the stated issues. These discussions will result in preparation of national action plans for priority reforms to be undertaken to improve national trade legislation and practice.

On the regional level, the regional report will be prepared based on the common issues identified in all CEFTA Parties, and regional policy recommendations. The stated recommendations will be a basis for developing regional action plans with timetables for implementation of the prioritized recommendations that we are keen to support in the next stage of this project.

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