The first results attained through implementation of the green lane concept

April 17, 2020

In the first days of applying the green lane concept, 20% of all traded goods was prioritized at the“green lane” intra-CEFTA crossing points, ensuring time-saving supply of the essential goods at the CEFTA market.

Gathered at the CEFTA Coordination Body on-linemeeting,representatives of the CEFTA Parties endorsed the extended list of essential goods, making the further step in facilitating the transport and trade of goodsin the circumstances of the outage caused by COVID-19. Priority in transport and tradevia “green lane” crossing points is also attached to certain medical and veterinary products.

The meeting gathered the representatives of the ministries in charge of trade of the CEFTA Parties, the CEFTA Secretariat and the European Commission.

The extended CEFTA list of the essential goods is available here.

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