The first meeting of the Steering Committee for the CEFTA

May 18, 2016

The first meeting of the Steering Committee for the CEFTA Secretariat will take place in Brussels on Tuesday March 3, 2009.  

This Committee is being established in line with the requirements of the Secretariat’s Financing Agreements with the European Commission and bilateral donors.  The Committee’s role is to oversee the Secretariat’s activities, to provide advice and guidance as necessary and to ensure that administrative and financial issues are in order.

The Committee, which is chaired by Montenegro in its capacity as Chair in Office, comprises representatives of each CEFTA Party, the EC and the bilateral donors to the Secretariat – Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. The members of the Committee are the senior officials dealing with CEFTA related issues.

It is envisaged that the Committee will meet at least once a year.

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