“SEED+ Project: Enhancing Trade Efficiency and Safety Through Digitalization”

October 4, 2023

Skopje, 3 October: Today in Skopje was held a training of veterinary inspectors and the business involved in issuing veterinary certificates in SEED+/CEFTA TRACES NT (Trade Control and Expert System New Technology) software. This training is a part of the CEFTA SEED+ project (Systems for Electronic Data Exchange), and organized in collaboration with the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce and the Food and Veterinary Agency of North Macedonia.

The aim of the training is to equip participants with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills required to skillfully use the SEED+ platform to facilitate trade in animals and animal products while ensuring compliance with veterinary health and safety standards.

The training provides a thorough explanation of the software’s functioning, covering topics such shipment registration, certificate template administration, data entry of pertinent information, installation of required paperwork, and submission of requests for health certificates. The training’s broader focus includes enhancing participants’ capacity to accurately assess the health state of animals or animal products destined for export or import, thereby contributing to the prevention of disease transmission and promoting food safety.


“CEFTA TRACES NT enables the accurate and prompt exchange of veterinary certificates, effectively supports risk assessment and management, ensures a safer trading environment, reduces barriers, lowers costs, and expedites the movement of goods throughout CEFTA. I’m thrilled that the benefits of digitization in this sector will now be seen by our economic operators.”, said Edna Karadza, SEED+ project manager.

“Digitization of veterinary inspection processes brings efficiency, accuracy, and traceability. We are pleased to be part of the SEED+ project, which facilitates this transformative journey. SEED+ simplifies the issuance of veterinary certificates, centralizes data storage, and provides invaluable support for risk management. This, in turn, contributes significantly to safeguarding public health and safety. “ – said Vancho Novoselski, Head of Sector for inspection, Food and Veterinary Agency.

The future of trade in the region goes hand in hand with digitalization, and I am glad that during these two months jointly with the CEFTA Secretariat in all 6 Western Balkans economies we are conducting the series of practical training sessions to the benefit of economic operators across the region, with the aim of preparing them to navigate and utilize the SEED+ platform. This will mean swifter and more efficient regional trade, reduction of waiting times and costs, and another step forward towards achieving One region One economy for which WB6CIF stands for – stated Tatjana Shterjova Dushkovska, Secretary General, Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum (WB6CIF).

The goal of the trainings is to equip participants with the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the SEED+/CEFTA TRACES, ensuring streamlined trade processes, protecting public and animal health, and enhancing their participation in regional commerce.

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