Second Regional Business Advisory Group (RBAG) meeting held in Belgrade, Serbia

November 10, 2018

The second meeting of the Regional Business Advisory Group (RBAG) was organized on November 7 in Belgrade, Serbia. The meeting was attended by representatives of businesses from both vegetables and metals sector from the six Western Balkans CEFTA Parties.

The aim of the meeting of the group was to discuss the project’s activities undertaken in the period March – November 2018 and prioritize the activities for the upcoming period. In 2018 a wide scope of analytical activities was undertaken in order to get a clear picture of the terms of doing trade in the region. Hence, a significant number of reports was prepared. At the meeting, actions were discussed in order to undertake activities to implement the main recommendations given in the respective reports. The RBAG representatives agreed on the priorities in the forthcoming year and discussed the advocacy approach the group will take in addressing the national and regional bodies.

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