Regional Workshop on Integrated Risk Management for SPS Agencies organized in Belgrade, Serbia

December 15, 2019

A regional workshop on integrated risk management was organized for SPS agencies representatives as a continuation of support to advancing the risk management-based border controls in the region. The two-day workshop held in Belgrade, on December 11-12, aimed at supporting the building of an efficient risk-based import compliance framework as a complex and challenging project, especially in the SPS related fields. The objective of the workshop was to provide regulatory agencies, dealing with plant health and food safety, knowledge and skills that would allow them to build and enhance such systems.

The program was attended by the plant health and food safety authorities of the CEFTA parties and  encompassed the topics of risk management methodology; knowledge of risk management concepts, as they are applied within regulatory frameworks in the SPS related areas; practical skills on choosing and applying appropriate risk management tools for the evaluation of the product non-compliance risk, a common structure of a profiling/targeting system, international best practices in import compliance in SPS related areas, as well as the cooperation processes among product regulators and customs authorities.

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