Regional Risk Management Strategy Drafted and Agreed in Ohrid, Macedonia

October 15, 2019

In October, the Risk Management group met in Ohrid, Macedonia, in order to work jointly on a draft Customs Risk Management Strategy and Framework for the forthcoming four-year period for CEFTA Parties. The team of experts has previously discussed with all 7 CEFTA Parties’ Customs Authorities their strategies, policies and practice in risk management and overall work. Therefore, a working document was prepared for the meeting as a starting point for discussion. The Risk Management officers worked carefully on preparing a document for further discussion in CEFTA structures, which was conducted during the two-day workshop in Ohrid. The aim of the CEFTA Risk Management Strategy is to enable the CEFTA Customs Authorities to share information and practice and remove redundant procedures and overlapping of checks at the borders, by having the legal basis in accordance with the AP5 and the EU Acquis. The draft Strategy and Action Plan was discussed and adopted by the group and meanwhile adopted by the CEFTA Joint Committee meeting on 18 December 2019.

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