Regional Business Advisory Groups (RBAG) Metals and Vegetables held their Final Sessions within the Project

October 30, 2019

RBAG metals and vegetables both held their final meetings within the scope of the project. The aim of the meetings was to discuss the undertaken activities within the last period and to find sustainability and communication options for both groups beyond the project end date.

RBAG metals group assembled in Skopje, North Macedonia on September 25-26 in order to go over the meetings and achievements within the project scope. The policy paper was finalized and the group was informed about the presentation of the paper to the decision-makers in CEFTA. Likewise, the group expressed satisfaction with the organization of the study tour in Dusseldorf and the take-on of the visit. The group agreed to hold regular communication and inform each other on networking and business opportunities in the region.

RBAG vegetables met in Podgorica, Montenegro on October 29. Likewise, the group discussed the policy paper and the presentation of the paper with CEFTA official bodies. The group also discussed the opportunities and challenges of continuing the work of the group on a regional level. Communication channels were agreed at the meeting as the group saw the necessity and value in coordinated advocacy activities, directed towards the removal of non-tariff barriers to trade of fruits and vegetables in the region.

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