Common Regional Market Expansion Vital for the Western Balkans’ Economic Growth and closer connection with the EU

January 22, 2024

CEFTA highlights the importance of the expansion of the Common Regional Market at Western Balkans-EU Growth Plan Leaders Meeting in Skopje













The Acting Director of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) Secretariat, Danijela Gacevic, addressed the distinguished attendees at the Western Balkans Meets EU Growth Plan for WB – Leaders meeting in Skopje, underscoring CEFTA’s pivotal role in advancing the Common Regional Market initiative and fostering closer ties between the Western Balkan economies and the EU market.

At the meeting Gacevic reaffirmed CEFTA’s unwavering commitment to promoting economic integration, trade liberalization, digitalization, and regional cooperation among its parties.

The implementation of the current Common Regional Market Action Plan and developing the new one are vital for creating new opportunities, attracting investment and enhancing cooperation in CEFTA and with the EU.”, said Danijela Gacevic adding that CEFTA’s activities have been instrumental in aligning the Western Balkan economies with the principles and standards of the European Union by harmonizing regulations, improving market access, and fostering a business-friendly environment conducive to attracting foreign investments.

“The new Action Plan unfolds an opportunity for us to infuse ambition and innovation into the trade arena, aligning with the vision of the New Growth Plan. This synergistic approach not only propels growth within the Western Balkans but also foster enhanced cooperation with the EU,” Gacevic stated and reminded on the work that has be done so far” Our joint efforts are steering the Western Balkan economies towards convergence with the European Union, bringing us closer to the shared goal of a more prosperous and stable region.”

CEFTA remains committed to fostering economic growth, trade expansion, and sustainable development in the Western Balkans. As the region continues its journey towards EU accession, CEFTA will continue to serve as a catalyst for progress and an advocate for economic integration.

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