December 6, 2016

One of the key aims of the 2016 Chairmanship is to promote CEFTA to a wide audience both within the CEFTA Parties and internationally and to demonstrate the economic impact the agreement is having on the region. As you will see from the attached programme we propose to hold a number of sessions which would address different aspects of CEFTA and would cater to different interests including government officials, international organisations, the business community, the diplomatic community, the academic world and journalists. For more info click the overall programme and individual session’s agendas.

Overall Programme

Session I:
Monitoring within CEFTA Party for better implementation of CEFTA
Session II:
Academic Competition – CEFTA 10 years on: its contribution to the CEFTA economies
Session III:
Monitoring between CEFTA Parties
Session IV:
 Monitoring of CEFTA implementation by private sector
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