May 19, 2016

CEFTA Week 2014

Overall Agenda

Individual Session Agendas:

19 November 2014 (Wednesday)

09.30-10.15hrs CEFTA Week Opening

10.15-13.00hrs  Session I : Boosting Investments in the CEFTA Region: National and Regional Investment Policies and Promotion

14.00-17.00hrs Session II: Regional Value Chains: Potential, Synergy and Common Challenges

20 November 2014 (Thursday)

09.00-14.45hrs Session III: Global and Regional Aspects of Trade Facilitation in CEFTA

15.00-17.00hrs Session IV: CEFTA Forum of Chambers of Commerce Parallel

14.00-17.00hrs CEFTA Experts meeting (in camera)

21 November 2014 (Friday)

9:30-12.30 hrs CEFTA Joint Committee Meeting (in  camera)

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