CEFTA Week 2010

May 18, 2016

CEFTA Week 2010 will be held in Belgrade on 10 and 11 November in the Continental Hotel.

Promoting CEFTA to a wide audience both within the CEFTA Parties and internationally is one of the aims of the Serbian Chairmanship in 2010. A number of workshops, seminars and debates will be held which will address different aspects of CEFTA and will cater to different interests including government officials, the business community, international organisations, the diplomatic community, the academic world and journalists.  These events will provide an excellent opportunity to examine progress to date under this agreement and to debate potential future developments with the aim of contributing to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of all CEFTA Parties.   CEFTA Week will focus in particular on the priorities of the Serbian Chair for 2010 which include trade in services, competition rules, public procurement, investment and non-tariff barriers to trade.

The events are being held immediately after the CEFTA Forum of the Chambers of Commerce on 9 November and prior to the annual meeting of the CEFTA Joint Committee on 12 November, 2010.   At the Joint Committee meeting, ministers from CEFTA Parties will review implementation of this ambitious agreement and take decisions on future actions.

CEFTA Week will provide an opportunity for key stakeholders to voice your comments and make suggestions on the future development of CEFTA.  Conclusions and recommendations from the various events will be subsequently submitted to the Joint Committee for their consideration and should be taken into account in the preparation of work programmes for the various CEFTA structures.
CEFTA Week 2010  Schedule of Events

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