CEFTA to facilitate trade in fruit and vegetables

February 21, 2020

Trade in fruit and vegetables is about to become easier and faster between CEFTA Parties.

The CEFTA Joint Committee adopted the Decision on Facilitating Trade for Fruit and Vegetables at today’s meeting in Tivat (Montenegro). The decision will simplify the system of controls for trade in fruit and vegetables within the CEFTA region and cut down the border control time, which means that producers will be able to deliver their products to end users much sooner. That is crucial for perishable goods like fruit and vegetables and will also cut costs and contribute to more efficient trade.

The decision includes mutual recognition of certificates. Every CEFTA party will establish a register of certified traders in fruit and vegetables and there will also be a joint CEFTA list of those products which need mandatory phytosanitary certificates. That will ensure a higher degree of health and safety in this trade.

The decision adopted today will establish a system to ensure maximum food safety by implementing the highest European Union standards. It will also ensure their effective implementation through a system of electronic exchange of data between the administrations in the region.

Being fully based on latest EU legislation, the decision promotes integration with the EU, both for businesses which apply EU standards and administrations that apply EU food safety rules and procedures.

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