CEFTA SEED+ Continues Supporting Trade Through Digitalization

April 12, 2024

Brussels — CEFTA Secretariat and European Commission (EC) signed a 4-million-euro worth Grant Contract for SEED+ Action “Support to Systematic Exchange of Electronic Data (SEED+) in CEFTA 2024”. This project will enhance trade facilitation and economic integration both within CEFTA and between CEFTA and the European Union (EU).

The EC has committed to fully funding the SEED+ Action, over the period of three years. The project is set to substantially improve trade facilitation in goods and services, fostering closer economic ties within the CEFTA and streamlining the operationalization of the CEFTA policies by accelerating the digital transition.

A core focus of the SEED+ Action is to maintain and expand SEED+ system. The project will continue to support the electronic exchange of trade data and documents within CEFTA, promoting paperless trade, enhancing security and safety in trade operations without impeding trade flows. By reducing the burden on economic operators, entrepreneurs, and citizens in collecting and delivering trade data and documents, SEED+ Action aims to eliminate obstacles and cut costs and time required for the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people across CEFTA. The SEED+ Action also endeavors to foster closer collaboration with the EU, aligning practices with European standards to boost interoperability and contribute to CEFTA’s economic integration with the EU.

Furthermore, the SEED+ Action aligns with the Common Regional Market Action Plan (CRM) and the EC’s new Growth Plan for the Western Balkans, aiming to boost economic growth and accelerate socio-economic convergence with the EU. Key deliverables of the CRM and Growth Plan, such as Green and Blue Lanes, will be implemented though CEFTA SEED+.

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