CEFTA and WB6 CIF Unite to Empower Businesses’ Voices

April 27, 2024

Brussels – With the aim of enhancing cooperation with the businesses and strengthening their role in the regional economic integration, the CEFTA Secretariat and the Western Balkans 6 Chambers Investment Forum (WB6 CIF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today in Brussels. This agreement sets a foundation for strengthened cooperation and information sharing that will foster the creation of a Regional Common Market under the auspices of the Berlin Process.

In this way, both organizations demonstrate a commitment to promoting efficient trade flows among the CEFTA Parties and fostering regional economic integration. By aligning efforts, the CEFTA Secretariat and WB6 CIF aim to support the timely and effective implementation of the Common Regional Market Action Plan and New Growth Plan for the Western Balkans, enhancing alignment with the European Union.

“Businesses need to keep seeing real improvements on field each and every day, and in order to achieve this, strong partnerships, like the one we have had with the CEFTA secretariat for years, are crucial. We commend their work in trade facilitation, and  look forward to keep expanding our cooperation, in order to have swifter and more efficient trade in the region,” said Lulzim Rafuna, WB6 CIF Chairman.

Key elements of this cooperation include strengthening public-private dialogue, promoting trade facilitation, supporting digitalization, and organizing joint events to increase the visibility of reform processes that promote a unified market and investment destination in the Western Balkans.

“Together we are stronger in investing efforts not only in promoting trade in goods and services but strengthening the voices of our businesses in the Western Balkans. By integrating their needs and challenges into our policies and initiatives, we are fostering a truly business-oriented environment. This is a cooperation that stands with the businesses, for the businesses. Therefore, we are committed to unlocking new opportunities and drive positive change for businesses and people across the Western Balkans, “ stated Acting Director of CEFTA Danijela Gačević.

Representatives of both organizations acknowledged the potential this cooperation holds for the Western Balkans, foreseeing mutual benefits through joint efforts and shared expertise over the next four years.

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