CEFTA 10th Anniversary – Call for Papers

September 15, 2016

Montenegro, as the CEFTA Chair in Office for 2016 in cooperation with the London School of Economics established an academic award for the CEFTA 10th Anniversary. This activity is part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of CEFTA that aim to ensure that the achievements of this ambitious and modern free trade agreement over the past 10 years are recognized and that its potential to contribute to greater economic development and European integration is promoted. The competition last from February until October when the 3 winning papers have been selected by the LSEE Selection Committee. The results are as below:

The CEFTA Best Paper Competition 2016
‘CEFTA ten years on: Its contribution to the CEFTA economies’

Best Paper Award (3000 EUR)

Venera DEMUKAJ (RIT Kosovo*) & Luca JACOPO UBERTI (University of Otago)

PAPER TITLE: “Regional Integration, Trade and Development in the CEFTA Region”

LSEE – CEFTA Best Paper Competition 2016
‘CEFTA ten years on: Its contribution to the CEFTA economies’


Runner-up Award (1000 EUR)


1.Marijan PETRESKI ( University American College Skopje)

PAPER TITLE: “Has CEFTA increased members trade? Evidence with an enlarged set of plausibly exogenous instruments”


2.Jelena TRIVIC (University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Economics, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina)&Łukasz KLIMCZAK(University of Economics, Faculty of Economics and International Relations,Cracow,Poland)

PAPER TITLE: “Institutions and Intraregional trade in CEFTA 2006: A gravity approach”

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