Director (vacant at present)

  • Mr Emir Djikic, Director , email:
  • Mr A. Umut Ergezer, Senior Technical Adviser (trade facilitation), email:
  • Ms Aleksandra Rakovic, Senior Technical Adviser (trade in services), email:
  • Ms Ludmila Nistor Mihajlova, Communications and Coordination Officer, email:
  • Mr Guy van der Perren, Financial Administrator, email:
  • Ms Carine Henoque, Procurement Officer, email:
  • Ms Denitsa Vuzeva, Projects Assistant, email:
  • A rotating system of secondment to the CEFTA Secretariat from the CEFTA Parties commenced in July 2015. Four trade officials from Parties holding the Chair in Office and/or the Chair of CEFTA sub-committees are based at the Secretariat for a minimum of 6 months to support implementation of the work programme of the respective body.  The secondment programme is governed by JC Decision 4/2014.  Current Secondees are:

    • Mr Ivan Markovic, National Expert, Subcommittee on Trade in Services
    • Mr Sali Hoda, National Expert, Subcommittee on Customs and Rules of Origin
    • Ms Zamira Xhepa, National Expert, Subcommittee on Agriculture
    • Ms Dijana Djindjić, National Expert, Subcommittee on NTMs

    The Joint Committee and other CEFTA structures are supported by a small permanent secretariat established in accordance with Article 40.2 of the agreement and located in Brussels. The overall role of the Secretariat is to provide technical and administrative support to the Joint Committee and to any subcommittee, expert group or other body established by the Joint Committee.  The mandate of the Secretariat is set out in Joint Committee Decision 7/2007  as amended by JC Decision 1/2010.

    The Secretariat, which was established in September 2008, comprises a mix of full-time and part time staff. The CEFTA Parties and donors, including the European Commission, currently finance the Secretariat and its activities.

    The Secretariat provides an annual report on its activities to the Joint Committee and to the CEFTA Secretariat Steering Committee that includes the  CEFTA Parties and all donors that support the activities of the CEFTA Secretariat.