Welcome to CEFTA Roster of Experts and Companies. The overall objective of the roster is to increase the visibility of the CEFTA by having a comprehensive roster of experts and companies integrated in the CEFTA website reflecting the CEFTA structures and activities. Companies and Experts registered in the CEFTA Roster shall receive tender notifications when the CEFTA Secretariat uses competitive negotiated procedure by notification with publication on the CEFTA Secretariat website for Service Contracts of less than EUR 300,000 but not more than EUR 20,000.

To be registered in the roster we would kindly invite you to provide a username, email and password in the right side of the page. A confirmation email shall be sent to you with a link that will red-direct you to the LOG IN page.

Please note that your registration as individual could be finalised only if you have more than 5 years validated experience in any of the areas of expertise. For the companies the registration shall be accomplished if 3 years of minimum expertise are validated in any of the areas.

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